Driving Class Schedule

  • Good News, we are taking new students everyday, the full course is NOW  $650.00 (tax incl) you can pay by installments, you will get 11 hours on in-vehicle training plus the use of our vehicle on road test, there are 4 classrooms sessions that you must attend. If your ready to start the in-vehicle drive lessons then we will be ready for you anytime, if your ready to start the class room sessions,   (2019)  Sunday July 7th, Sunday July 28th, Sunday August 11 and Sunday August 25th this is a 4 day course, that is it for summer classes you can start whenever you wish and the class dates just continue on from where you start) Classes will resume in September and it is usually every 2nd Sunday. It does not matter on what day you start so if you start on Day 4 then you need to follow up with Days 1, 2 and 3. Classroom times are 10 am to 4 pm each date. If interested please call. Private lessons are welcome and the DDC occurs every 2 months. (Defensive Driving Course)
  • The next Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course will be held Sunday August 11th , 2019
  • This course can get you
  • up to 4 demerit points off your driving record
  • exit course from the GDL.
  •  satisfy a letter from Access Nova Scotia.
  • This course is $100.00 (tax incl)
  • For Private Individual in-vehicle lessons please call 564-6106 Lessons are 50.00 (tax incl) per hour


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