New Drivers

For the New Drivers we offer:

  • 10 hours of in-vehicle driving whereas they are given expert instruction.
  • Pickup at home service (within 6 kilometers of Access NS in Sydney or  on the North side within 6 kilometers of the North Sydney Fire Station) We sometimes allow some extra distance but call to find out if you qualify.
  • We concentrate on 3 life saving skills which are Defensive Driving, Defensive Driving and Defensive Driving.
  • Being responsible behind the wheel is a common theme
  • Comprehensive instruction regarding the rules of the road
  • Classroom theory
  • Certificate upon completion which qualifies student for insurance reduction
  • Students will be taught the skills necessary to keep them safe and collision free
  • Instruction in “what to do in an emergency” from tire blow, vehicle fires, off road recovery, submerged in water.
  • total cost is $750.00 (taxes in)

  • Payment plans available with a minimum payment of $375.00 required on our first session.
  • 2nd payment required within the following 30 days. of$375.00

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