Senior Driver in Vehicle Review

Senior Evaluation and Review 1

Senior Evaluation and Review

This driver review is designed for those drivers with plenty of driving experience.

You will drive a pre-planned route where the driving instructor will evaluate your driving habits, then the instructor will review your driving with you and take you through the pre-planned route again to show you what you need to know to improve your driving habits.

This is a great course for seniors.


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Costs and Course Details

  • All reviews are 60 minutes in length
  • Cost is $60.00 for the driver review
  • Meet at Access Nova Scotia in  Sydney
  • Other meet place can be arranged
  • make sure you have a valid driver’s licence with you


Why take the Evaluation and Review?

Over the years, there has been a substantial increase of traffic on our roads and highways. There are more cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Even the technology has changed, more fuel efficient cars, air bags, anti-lock brakes, all-wheel drive, electric and solar-powered cars. With these changes, we need to upgrade our skills and improve the way we drive. A professional driving instructor can teach you the proper techniques and skills to be a safe driver. They are specially trained to observe and detect poor driving habits and correct them.


Information for Seniors

To begin with, vision isn’t the only physical change as we age that can impact our driving. Reflexes slow down and, as a result, we need more information to make a decision and more time to select and make the response.

As our hearing goes, it’s important to limit background noise from car radios. Sirens and horns outside the car are hard to hear. If you wear a hearing aid, drafts from open car windows can impair the hearing aid’s efficiency.

Arthritis is a common disease in aging. Back pain, stiff fingers and inflammation of joints all impact on strength. When it comes to driving, arthritis impairs our ability to manipulate car handles and controls. When you’re in discomfort, the pain takes away concentration that may be better spent focusing on the road.

Finally, medications affect our driving. With the average senior taking about four medications at any one time, don’t think for a moment your driving won’t be affected. Depending on what you’re taking, you could find yourself drowsy with blurred vision and decreased concentration. Talk to your doctor about these medications and, if possible, don’t drive alone.


Driving Tips for Seniors

  • Accept the fact that driving demands your full attention
  • Plan your errands during daylight hours
  • Choose routes that are less demanding and avoid busy freeways
  • Avoid driving in poor weather such as heavy rain, hail or snow
  • Peripheral vision decreases with age so you will need to turn your head further to scan fully
  • Have regular eye checkups
  • Leave more space when following traffic
  • Don’t stare that the vehicle in front of you
  • Take some driving lessons so you can update your driving skills


Warnings for Senior!

Following are some warning signs to pay attention to:

  • You have a growing number of near collisions
  • You have a harder time seeing pedestrians, objects or other vehicles
  • You find it difficult to co-ordinate hand and foot movements
  • You areYou want to make an evaluation of your ability before you submit an application for a scholarship that’s based on article writing. Scholarship contests deliver aspiring students the opportunity to acquire the money for encouraging their studies they need. It is possible to take part in the process for writing. You have to assume your reader know nothing. The thing is that the business assigns a writer in accordance with academic degree and your needs. You could also ask for drafts by the writers to find the development of your paper. We’re proud to allow you to know our essays are written by specialists if you are wondering who will write your essay. It could be a generally allotted style of writing paper writer that each student can encounter whereas in entire world. Writing essays is frequently a huge part of what a person does to make a college education.

    increasingly nervous behind the wheel

  • You sense that the traffic is moving too fast around you and that other drivers always honk their horn at you
  • You note that other cars appear from nowhere
  • You have difficulty following the rules of the road or remembering them; and, you have difficulty remembering where you parked the car
  • Your family members are expressing real concern about your driving.

Friends and family members are always ready to help drive those who are no longer able, or you could set up a taxi fund with monthly billing. Finally, keep your car – just hand the keys to someone else so they can drive for you.

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