Cross Walk Safety

As a Pedestrian we need to make crossing the street safe for us, vehicle crosswalk lines do not stop vehicles remember they are just painted lines and we need to be safe. Sometimes there are no lines or they are invisible, here in Nova Scotia they are only painted ONCE a year so crosswalk safety is not a strong priority.

This problem of inattention by both pedestrians and motorists is nation wide. When we have both parties not paying enough attention then the recipe for a disaster is complete.

  • Be seen before you cross, make sure the driver sees you.
  • pay attention look around checking to your left and right on a constant basis as you cross.
  • treat ever corner as a place to cross, but a marked crosswalk may be a better place.
  • step one foot into the roadway to let the motorist of your intention to cross and not that your waiting for a bus or other means of transportation, when they see you and stop then and only then do you proceed further, pay attention that other vehicles may not see you so be constantly be prepared for other vehicles travelling in adjacent lanes (look around)
  • do not use a phone or other device while crossing, your life may be at stake and this task needs your full attention

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